Our Mission

Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center(TWDCC) facilitates a working home for professional world & contemporary dance artists, while providing dance education that is committed to access, equity, and excellence.
Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center’s (TWDCC) programming nurtures, promotes and supports professional and emerging artists from Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. While allowing traditional art forms to flourish, we encourage world and contemporary artists to take risks,  probe traditional definitions, and forge new ideas. Unique to Santa Cruz, Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center(TWDCC) provides a platform for artists of color, artists using traditional structures  in contemporary performance to tell their story, and artists looking to breakthrough established forms of presentation.  TWDCC provides ongoing community conversation; audiences have opportunities to watch, engage, and learn from performance, curated festivals, artists talks, and community dance classes.  TWDCC links  artists, audiences, and community throughout Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.


We fulfill our mission by:

* Establishing a professional, vibrant, and stable non-profit dance organization and studio with high quality dance space, (1621sq. ft.) and organizational support through website, marketing, outreach programs, performance, and dance events for the community.

* Providing a working home for World dance, contemporary, and cross collaborative dance and cultural artists in the Santa Cruz and wider Bay Area community.

* Creating educational and outreach programs that allow unique opportunities for youth in the Santa Cruz community to engage with professional dance and cultural artists from all over the world, as well as reaching our goal of providing 20 full scholarships for dance study at the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center a year.

* Linking community, artists, and audiences throughout Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

*Collaborating with other Santa Cruz and Bay Area cultural and outreach organizations to facilitate cross cultural events, social awareness, and dialogue and understanding through dance and performance.