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Brighten Up Your SATURDAY // MAY 20th

♫♚♛ SATURDAY, MAY 20TH > ♫❀✿ Brighten Up Your Saturdays Social 。◕‿◕。 + Salsa and Bachata Lesson by Sierra Joy & Hector Cruz | Performers and performances to come! | Social dance ’till 1 am — ♛***–♫♚♛-

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__ We weren’t expecting this many people on our last event since it was the first event and we want to thank, give a huge thanks, to each and everyone that joined us on our first Brighten up you Saturday event here in beautiful Santa Cruz — Thank you all for you support and for making it super fun!!!!

__ You asked us if we could go ’till one and we listened, worked with the awesome administrator of the place, and yes!!! We are going ’till 1 am for this event with a range of Afro-Cuban, Latin, music!!!!

__ We are currently talking to two amazing performers, one of them world amature salsa champion, which will be performing on this night!!!

__ Please spread the word and let people know about this event for we are taking it to the next level based on what we learned from our previous event and you awesome feedback!!!!

__ Our goal is to create a really cool, bright, fun, environment where dancers come to dance and listen to great music as well as utulize the fund we get from this event to bring bands, orquestas, to our beautiful community!!!

We’ve created a group for this event where we’ll be posting more information about this event as we learned it:

__ Join Brighten Up Your Saturday Group @

Tickets Online:

__ I want to thank each and everyone of you in advance for making this community a such an amazing community — ‘Till we meet again, have an outstanding time dancing, meeting people, making new friends, and enjoying life like there is no tomorrow!!!
Sierra Joy Varela :
Hector Cruz :
Brian Govea :
Christian Salas :
Ashley Gora :
Emily Engle :
‘Till we meet again, have an outstanding time dancing, meeting new people, and making new friends — remember, make it as exciting as you can!!!___ Feel FREE to share the joy!!!