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TWDCC Teaching Artist Highlight
Molly Katzman

Molly Katzman has been with TWDCC since we opened our doors. She is the co-director of the Youth Companies alongside, Micha Scott, and brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and true heart to our students. Molly is a passionate and dedicated teacher and we thank her for artistry and service.
“I love to teach because when my dancers are discovering and exploring new things about themselves I get the gift of seeing that and seeing them in their power, in their unique voice, in their soft animal body. What an honor it is” – Molly Katzman

 Molly’s Teaching Schedule at TWDCC:

Monday’s:     4:30-5:30PM  Contemporary 3/4
                           5:30-6:30PM  Contemporary 2
Tuesday’s:     3:30-4:30PM   Contemporary 1
                            5:30-6:30PM   Contemporary 5
                            6:30-7:30PM   Contemporary 4
Thursday’s:   3:30-4:30PM  Contemporary  3